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Title: NBA Live 2000 Vs NBA Basketball 2000
Genre: Sports

Itís the final. Two teams, matched up because they have practically the same name, will tonight battle it out head to head, in a fight to see who will win a slightly higher percentage than the other. The tension in the stadium is electric, so letís have a look at the competitors.

Wearing blue shorts and matching cardigans is Electronic Artsí /NBA Live 2000/, the latest in a long running series, but does it still have what it takes to win basketballís most coveted title, the PC Format One We Liked More Than The Other One Award?

Wearing nothing but its underpants is Activisionís /NBA Basketball 2000/, who has teamed up with Fox Interactive. Can the two together produce a force to beat the established EA series?

The game begins. At the top of the 1st, itís option menus being put through their paces, and Fox2K goes into an immediate early lead with a clear and intuitive selection that lets you get gaming quickly and easily. EA2K attempts a defense, but there are just too many screens and too many unexplained buttons to fight your way through. 2-0 Fox.

2nd Quarter. Graphics are up next, and this time things are really head-to-head. EA2K looks strong with remarkable volumes of polygons, giving each player an identifiable face, and a range of expressions. But itís the way things look during the actual play that swings this one, and EA have that part too. A much higher range of resolutions available, and incredibly realistic body movement brings things all square, 2-2.

Top of the 3rd. The attention is turning to sound, both-in game, and soundtrack. EA shoot from downtown!, andÖ they SCORE!! A full 3 points. The better crowd noises, and nice sounding court action set things up, but it was the remarkable soundtrack that put the ball through the hoop. Superb hip-hop and funk from the likes of Run DMC, Naughty By Nature, Rahzel, and George Clinton, have really won the hearts of the crowd. Foxís lacklustre generic tunes just donít cut it. 5-2 EA.

Fox calls time out, taking the break to compare commentary. A wise move, as it seems their television style presentation, with two commentators chatting realistically and humorously about the game in hand, is neither repetitive, nor annoying. EA cannot compare, with a single voice giving drab and tedious remarks on the play, and not much more. The new found motivation gives Fox the edge at the top of the 4th, and they score two in a row. 6-5 Fox.

With 3 minutes of play remaining EA appeal a foul. They claim that the live TV style Fox use is all very well for commentary, but it does mean that the game becomes little more than an advert for Fox TV in the United States. The referee rules a foul, and EA score one of the shots, taking back their 1 point lead. 7-5 EA.

Thereís only thirty seconds to go, everything is down to the final test Ė playability. Things seem to be moving in slow motion, EA with their with their long history in the game have the ball, but Fox steals, dodges the opposition. There are now only 4 seconds on the clock. This is it, itís now or never. From the half way line, Fox jumps, and shoots. The ball reaches the net, bounces off the rim, teeters for a second, and then drops into the net. As the hooter signals the end of the game, Foxís ease of play, and better fluidity just gave it the edge it required to steal the title. Ladies and gentlemen, letís hear it for our winner, NBA Basketball 2000. Final Score: 8-7.

Activision Score
: 76%

Activision Tech Specs:
Publisher: Activision
Min System: P 200, 32Mb, Win95
Recommended: PII 300, 64Mb, 3D card, gamepad
Web Address:

EA Score:

EA Tech Specs:

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Minimum System: P 166, 32Mb, Win95
Recommended: PII 300, 64Mb, 3D card, gamepad
Web Address: