the writings of a mind

Title: The Moment of Silence
Genre: Adventure
Strap: They future’s not bright. The future’s brown.

It is quite the shame that people still believe picking up a very ordinary story, a very cliched story, and throwing it into the future will in some way add new vigour and excitement to the proceedings. It does not. It just makes a lame idea seem ludicrous.

Have your Eye Spy Book of Cliches open, pen in hand – you’re going to get a lot of ticks today. It all begins with your next door neighbour getting roughly arrested by a violent group of cops, his wife and son thrown out of the way. You see this through your front door’s peephole, and decide that you must help the family. Once the police are safely out the way, naturally. But you, you poor thing, have just lost your own wife and child in a terrorist plane attack a couple of weeks back. Ahhh, do you see? Ahhhhhh. Tick, tick, tick.

So, for no reason whatsoever, the personality-deficient protagonist decides to skive work (an advertising company developing commercials for new government censorship initiatives – there’s about four ticks there alone) and investigate these suspicious goings on. And you wouldn’t believe it! There’s an alien conspiracy afoot! TICK!

Making this all much worse are the ridiculous mistakes in the game’s design. There are no cursor indications of explorable directions to head in, meaning that every edge of the large locations must be fruitlessly run toward, just in case /this/ one leads to new scene. Add to that the conversation trees, apparently treated with Agent Orange, and ghastly translation from German to English, and any redeeming features are lost in the murk.

With more THIS IS THE FUTURE references than I-Bloody-Robot, this very long game is very quickly tedious, and too flawed to be worth persisting with.

Verdict: Traditional point and click. Traditional within their current, rubbish reputation.


Tech Specs:

Publisher: Digital Jesters
Developer: House of Tales
Price: £29.99
Minimum System: 800MHz CPU, 256Mb RAM, 64Mb 3D card, DVD drive.
Recommended: 1.4GHz, 512Mb RAM
Web Address: