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Title: Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey
Genre: Er, pinball

Pinball games are a strange old beast. They’ve been around as long as the PC has been willing to run them, yet nobody seems to either buy them, or admit to playing them. So should you? Let us see if we can help.

On the pros side:

  1. You can play whenever you want, without having to pour all your loose change into the greedy slot.
  2. You can play it in your own home without having to dedicate half a room to a huge metal cabinet.
  3. And when you get bored of one table, you can move right along to another.

Unfortunately when these pros are applied to PP:FJ they seem to mutate into ugly great cons:

  1. Firstly, you’d have to play /three hundred games/ of real pinball before the change lose-age matched the cost of buying the game, and that’s a lot of pinball.
  2. How great would it be to have your very own pinball table in your house? You’d have a lot more people wanting to be your friend for a start.
  3. PP:FJ doesn’t have the option for changing tables. There’s only one.

There is, however, a manual the size of the Bible to read through. It seems that Empire genuinely believe that as a player you will be interested in the running and maintenance of the machine. You can fiddle with just about every feature in an annoying dot-matrix display for hours and hours. Just like being the boss of a real pinball arcade, or something.

It does have some great music, but strangely these tracks are reserved for the menu screens. The in-game music is horribly cheesy fuzz that you will want to switch off straight away.

 Thirty pounds for one single table is absolutely ridiculous; pay a visit to a real life arcade instead.


Tech Specs:

Publisher: Empire Interactive
Price: £29.99
Minimum System: P90, 16Mb, Dos
Recommended: P200, 64Mb, 3D card
Web Address: