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Title: RC Racing
Genre: Arcade Racing
Strap: Say the name out loud. Laugh at it. Shake your head. Move on.

The RC in RC Racing stands for Remote Controlled. Why not call the game "Remote Controlled Racing"? Darned good question. Crashing on… This is one of a number of games recently released by Sierra under the title of Family Fun Software, presumably meaning they contain no violence, sex, drugs or swearing (sorry Kingpin, you can’t come in), but instead wholesome entertainment suitable for all, from toddlers to grandmothers. Or some-such nonsense. Whatever the case, RC Racing fits perfectly into this category.

This is really nothing more than a rip-off of Micro Machines and its many sequels, but don’t condemn it to hell-for-all-eternity just yet. There are some subtle differences within, and also some absolutely stunning graphics.

When run in a nice high resolution, RC Racing is remarkably strokey-smooth on the eye. The tracks are infinitely detailed with all manner of appropriate gubbins scattered about for you to drive into, slip on, or get eaten by, and all are crisply designed and smoothly animated. Gameplay-wise, this is pretty run-of-the-mill stuff – three computer controlled opponents, single races or championships, and a weak car-upgrade facility. But it all plays out happily enough, with enough twists and surprises on each track to keep you playing through.

In Micro Machines you were a teeny tiny little car, so your scope for tracks was huge – kitchen sinks, pool tables, bathrooms etc, but in RC Racing you are a remote controlled little number, reducing the opportunity for play to larger fields. There are some nice ideas – a mini-golf course, construction site, back yard – but none are eye-poppingly original, and some are decidedly repetitive.

 This is a fair old game, but it isn’t going to draw the entire family together, crowded around the PC, oo-ing and ahh-ing on queue, as it seems Sierra would have you believe.


Tech Specs:

Publisher: Sierra 
Minimum System: P90, 16Mb, Win 95
Recommended: Recommended: P166, 32Mb
Web Address: