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Title: Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge
Genre: Platform

Aladdin was quite a turning point in movie making for Disney. While it still contained some deeply horrible songs, the presence of Robin Williams’ improvisation gave it a level of humour that stood it shoulders above other "kid flicks". Unfortunately, rather than cause a warm, glowing feeling in the inner-mosts of Disney peeps, it instead rang up a cha-ching of dollar signs in their eyes.

There appears to be a finite number of spin-offs and sequels possible before things begin to smell nastily of cynicism. This is yet another platform game based on the franchise, this time taking a pseudo-Tomb Raider approach to play, and like so many others it manages to prove quite how good Tomb Raider really is.

The plot? I dunno. Something about that awful princess being captured. And to rescue her Aladdin must run around the streets collecting coins the size of cartwheels. Fighting is a combination of sword waving and apple throwing (yes, that’s right), neither of which work at all due to an astonishing clunky control system that barely works at any stage. The camera can be swung around manually, but this isn’t appropriate while fighting, and the "auto" camera is perhaps, imaginative with its choice of view.

Pretty much the entire original cast appear to provide voices, which the obvious and devastating exception of Robin Williams. Dan Castellaneta steps in (as he has on the video release and tv series’), but his impression is teeth-grindingly off the mark, especially when he attempts to "do" Williams "doing" one of his voices.

This is a very dull and repetitive affair, with some dreadful graphics and a clearly lazy production. But hey, at least it doesn’t have any songs… Oh, it does.


Tech Specs:
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Developer: Argonaut Software