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Title: The Omega Stone
Genre: Adventure

A shambles of a game like this (starting a "new game", you’ll discover things you’ve done in previous goes have already happened, death occurs when randomly clicking on seemingly innocent screens, the website mentioned the box for the game doesn’t exist… the usual array of bugs and lazy disorganisation) doesn’t merit the effort of a new review. They have made very little attempt to include any original features, so I shall make very little attempt to include any original review copy.

(From the review for Dracula: Resurrection) "[Heavy sigh] There are a number of ways to make adventure games. You can follow the Lucasarts example: cartoony, puzzle-based gaming, with clever humour. Or perhaps take /The Longest Journey/’s epic story-based approach, with great acting, and an engrossing, book-like appeal. Or alternatively you could draw some intricately rendered backgrounds and then make the player click on it occasionally."

(From Arthur’s Knights 2) "[The Omega Stone] is the sequel to the completely unnoticed original [The Riddle of the Sphinx]. You won’t be reprising the role of [a female archeologist], because you never played the first game, and you won’t be interested to discover what happened after [she helped Sir Blythe Geoffreys last time].

(From Dark Side of the Moon) "Apologies for yet another blow to the stomach, but the characters in the game are not fully rendered 3D creations, but actors captured on video."

(Brand new original copy) The hook is supposed to be the volume of mysterious locations you can visit (Stonehenge, "Devil’s Triangle", Easter Island, and so on), but at no point does the game ever suggest what it is you’re supposed to do when you get there, and why you’d want to bother.

(From Time Machine) "The adventure game has once again not been saved. And in the nicest possible way [The Adventure Company], could you just stop trying? You’re only making things worse."


Tech Specs:

Publisher: Mindscape
Developer: The Adventure Company
Price: £30